Run product ads for your store in minutes.

krowdAds allows you to easily create product advertisement for your e-commerce store and increase your product reach many folds. - It's fully automatic.

Over 5,000,000 advertisers are using facebook ads to advertise their service and products across the world. Let KrowdAds automated your marketing process on facebook.

KrowdAds enables thousands of online stores to run
marketing campaigns with easy.

Easily Add & Manage Ads

Creates interactive product ads from live products of your store without understanding the complexities of ad creation.

Time Savings

KrowdAds automates your product ads and ads management, which allows you to spend more time on growing your business.

Get More Sale

KrowdAds automations give and crowd based ads gives ad multiplier effect, by spending less on ads and get more traffic which helps to generate better sales.

Why Everyones Loves KrowAds


Ad Placements

Based on product pricing, product type and location the AI creates the placement.

Run Marketing Automatically

Have your campaigns start and stop based on in-build AI analytics.

Inventory and Price Auto-Updates

Syncing the price and inventory automatically with Ad campaigns

Ad Customization

Edit your ads as you wish: change budget, audience , duration, anything!

Budget Automations

Create Ads budget rules, and budget your Ads in global settings.

Success Tracking

Automatically increase campaign time based on traffic success rate.

Advantage of Crowd

Advertise along others in group, take advantage of exit traffic.

Track Your Sales

Follow your store earnings in a convenient sales to the ads running.

Filter Products From Your Store

Find products to create ads and banners within KrowdAds dashboard.

Price is not a factor...

...Because its 100% free!

Start using krowdAds today


Frequently Asked Questions

How much KrowdAds charge ?
KrowdAds is 100% free
Why its called KrowdAds ?
Based on Artificial Intelligence it helps to automate your online facebook marketing in a crowd format which increase the possibility of reaching much more people in same same cost.
Do I pay KrowdAds for my facebook Ads ?
No, KrowdAds is free, you download and install chrome extension which with help of AI ( Artificial Intelligence ) automates the task of creating Ads so you pay Facebook directly.
Do I need some technical experience ?
Now its very simple click to install chrome extension and just follow the steps extension ask you to.
Can I market my Shopify store it does not has traffic ?
Oh ! There is a big “SHIFT” movement everyone is moving to free platform and we support that better but if you still want to continue with Shopify yes you can use KrowdAds but it will not be as effective as HipKart store.
Is it safe and Secure ?
Yes the KrowdAds extension is a verified google chrome extension, Google checks extensions before allow to publish them so its safe.
Got it!

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